1-Baby 2-Black 3-Black & Gold 4-Black & Raspberry 5-Blue-baby 6-Blue-brilliant 7-Blue-light 8-Blue-pacific 9-Blue-windsor 10-Blue & White 11-Gold 12-Green-emerald 13-Green-lime 14-Green-tropical 15-Green & White 16-Lavender 17-Lavender & Purple 18-Maroon 19-Orange 20-Orange & White 21-Peppermint 22-Peppermint & Raspberry 23-Pink-baby 24-Pink-raspberry 25-Plum 26-Purple-light 27-Rainbow 28-Red-cherry 29-Red & White 30-Red,White & Blue 31-Red-indian 32-Silver 33-White 34-White,Plum & Lt.Blue 35-Yellow-lemon 36-Yellow-sunflower

Our Hair Wraps are hand-made in the USA from Polymer Clay.  

They are available in 2 sizes: 5 inch wraps which contain one bead unit and a 9 inch wrap which contains two bead units.

They are also available in 36 great colors!!


5 Inch - $7.00 each or 4 for $24

9 Inch - $13.00 each or 2 for $24


Contact Us for additional information about our Hair Wraps 270-996-9272

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Hair Wrap (9 Inch)
Hair Wrap (9 Inch)
Hair Wrap (5 Inch)
Hair Wrap (5 Inch)

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